If you use Instagram, you will know there is no feature to download reel posts or stories, so the user gets upset and downloads the third-party app, but today we will tell you how to download videos from Instagram. The official version brought the Instagram Video Download app.

Ex. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CoCC9vqMu_0/

Today millions of people use Instagram; here, many rail posts and videos are shared daily; if you want to download them, you have to take the help of a third-party app, but due to this, there is a lot of damage to your phone. It goes because those apps access your privacy; you have to watch unnecessary ads in such a situation.

But many of our users who use iOS devices cannot download these third-party apps; in this condition, they have a lot of problems downloading Instagram videos; seeing the problem, we have found a solution for this and you, in this article, Have brought the app, through which you can download all the videos of Instagram for free, here you get many features.

About the Instagram Video Download

In this app, you get premium features like downloading Instagram videos for free; apart from this, you can also download someone’s post profile picture or IGPTV video; with this app, you can also download Facebook videos. You can do this if you are watching a short video and you like it very much and want to put it on your status, but before that, you want to download it.

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So you can take the help of this app; in this app, you can download any video and save it on your phone. You can also watch offline by keeping it or sharing it with your friends on any other platform; if you share an Instagram video on WhatsApp, only its link will go there. If the other user uses Instagram only, then he will be able to see that video.

The most significant disadvantage of which is that if your friend is not using Instagram and you have sent him a barrel or video, then he will be able to see it only when he downloads and installs Instagram; after that, he will create his account there only after that video will be able to play.

What is Instagram Video Download

What is an Instagram video download? Many people keep asking whether we cannot download Instagram videos without them; when we answer all these questions, you have read our full review; Instagram video download is a video. There is a downloader through which you can download any video from Instagram and then save it on your phone.

If you download Instagram’s video without it, you will need a third-party app, only after which you can download the video. Still, the most significant disadvantage is that you cannot download someone’s profile picture or story. You can download only Reel on Instagram, but if you download this app, you can download all Reel and Story from here.

Like your friend has put a story you like very much and wants to put it on your WhatsApp status, now you need to download that story; you do not know with the help of which platform you can download it. You can download the report; now, you do not need to worry. We will tell you how you can download that story.

Features of Instagram Video Download

Many exciting features have been given in it, such as you can download your friend’s story, his post or any reel; if you like someone’s profile picture, then you can also download it from here; it’s best advantage. What I thought is that you can also download IGPTV videos from it and you can use this app for absolutely free.

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram videos download

You can download any video available on Instagram straightforwardly from here; you do not need to pay any money to download these videos; the best advantage of this app is that here you will not see any third-party ads.

Download photos and reels

Many people share their photos and reels on Instagram; if you like someone’s photo and want to download it, you can download that photo or that reel in one click. It has given the feature of downloading all the things of Instagram through the medium and has tried to make it very simple.

Download Instagram story

We all put our own story on Instagram, but sometimes we like someone’s story very much, which we feel like downloading because everyone’s story is related to his feeling and yours and his filling match. If you like his story too, that’s why you want to download that story and put it on your WhatsApp; in this case, you have to download that story; now you can download it with one click from here.

IGTV Video Download

To download IGTV videos, you have to download this app because, without its help, you cannot download any IGTV videos. You can download this app for free from our website, and we have told you all the features of this app. Now we will notify you how you can download it.

How to Download Instagram Video Download

If you want to download this app, we have shared its latest version with you, which you can download for free from this website. It is straightforward to download this app. First, you have to visit our website, then click. You have to click on the downloaded button; after clicking on the download button, your app will start downloading; when it is downloaded, you have to open it.

After opening this app, you have to log in with Instagram or Facebook; if you log in with Instagram, then you get more benefits; here, you have to fix some settings; if you do not want to customize those settings so you can skip them.

Instagram Videos, Photos, Reels, Stories and IGTV FAQs

Is Instagram video download safe?

Yes, Instagram video download is very safe.

Can I use this app in ios other than Android?

Yes, you can use this app on iOS apart from Android; many people use it on different devices.

Can all Instagram video stories and reels be downloaded from here?

Yes, all the video reels and stories of Instagram can be downloaded from here; its best advantage is that it is completely ad-free, which will not allow you to see any third-party ads.

How can I update this app?

You have to download the latest version of this app by visiting our website; now, your app has been updated successfully.

Final words

Friends, if you use Instagram, you must download this app; from here, you can download all the videos on Instagram; to download any video, you must take the help of this app; it’s the best advantage. It is straightforward to download any video from here; now, you can download and enjoy this app; we have shared its complete review. You will not find any shortage of features in this app. That’s why many people are using it.

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